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LA2 is the username for Lars Aronsson, Sweden.

Diary redaktə

March 17, 2016 - I change some articles from Latin æ to Cyrillic ӕ, when the same article has been moved on ru.wiktionary. Words (in Ossetian language) that contain Cyrillic letters should have the Cyrillic ӕ, not the Latin æ.

I haven't Cyrillic æ in my notebook,sorryƏsgər F (müzakirə) 07:54, 24 mart 2016 (UTC)
To write it, just copy and paste. To read it, hopefully it will be visible in future updates of the fonts. It works fine in Linux and Firefox. --LA2 (müzakirə) 01:14, 17 aprel 2016 (UTC)